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Deratization (Fr. dératisation - literally "destruction of rats") - comprehensive measures to destroy rodents (rats, mice, voles, etc.).

Food poisons (in the form of baits), traps, gaseous poisons, electronic traps, ultrasonic deterrent devices are used. Sometimes, for the purpose of deratization, biological methods are used - cats, dogs.

The problem of deratization against mice is exacerbate with the end of summer, when the bred population is looking for places for wintering.

The most effective is the spreading of poisonous baits, with an anticoagulant poison, which prevents blood coagulation. Rodents who have eaten such a bait do not die immediately, but in a few days, from internal bleeding.

For the effectiveness of deratization, it is customary to combine extermination measures with preventive measures aimed at creating unfavorable conditions for the nesting and reproduction of rodents, as well as for their penetration into the premises. For this, the ventilation ducts should be closed with a metal mesh, the windows of the cellars and attics are glazed.

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