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Disinsection (Fr. dés- meaning destruction, removal + insectum + insect) is one type of decontamination, which is the destruction of insects that can transmit vector-borne infections, with the help of special chemicals, by the action of hot water with steam or with the help of biological means.

Disinfection is also known as the procedure for the destruction of any insect, whose neighbor with a person is considered undesirable: flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, etc.

Preventive pest control provides for a set of procedures aimed at creating unfavorable conditions for the appearance, development and reproduction of insects and ticks on the site. For medical institutions, residential facilities and hotels, it usually consists of systematic washing and changing of bed linen, frequent cleaning of premises, cleaning of sewer pipes and planned cleaning of the surrounding area.

Focal disinsection is carried out in places of outbreak of acute infectious diseases, which were provoked by arthropod invasions. It consists in the complete extermination of vectors of infectious and vector-borne diseases at various stages of their development. Depending on the degree of infection of the object with insects, for focal pest control, physical, mechanical, chemical, biological agents, as well as intestinal insecticides and fumigants are used.

Types of pest control:

Medical disinsection is carried out in hospitals, medical clinics, polyclinics, maternity hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, sanatoriums and other medical institutions. Its goal is to achieve complete sanitation indoors and on the surrounding area of ​​the facility.

Veterinary disinsection is to create favorable and safe conditions for the functioning of veterinary clinics, shelters for homeless animals and similar institutions.

Agricultural disinsection is a complex of procedures for the destruction of arthropods, which hinder the normal development of cereals, legumes, technical and other crops, which also leads to economic loss.

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