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How can disinfection of water in the pool take place?

How can disinfection of water in the pool take place?
How can disinfection of water in the pool take place?

How can disinfection of water in the basin be carried out and which methods should be preferred. If there is a swimming pool in your area, it is very important to take care that the water inside it is safe for health. To cope with this task, using only one mechanical cleaning filter is impossible. Therefore, you should consider choosing a disinfection system.

There are many methods to disinfect water in the pool, clearing it of pathogens, fungi, pathogenic flora, viruses and bacteria. However, not all of them are safe for human health. Let's talk about how disinfection of water in the basin can be carried out below, so that you appreciate the peculiarities of each technology.

1. Chlorination or bromination. This is a fairly effective and affordable method of disinfection, but it has many contraindications. Halogen, used by specialists, have a negative impact on the human body - cause allergies, affect the skin, mucous membranes and respiratory system. Therefore, this option is not suitable for children and adults who are worried about their health.

2. Purification by ultraviolet. The technique is considered much safer, but it also costs more. In addition, the disinfection process in this case should be under the supervision of a specialist.

3. Cleaning with active oxygen. Also, quite an expensive method, based on the use of ozone. The disinfection of water in the pool, carried out in this way, makes it possible to easily get rid of harmful microorganisms. However, it is important to remember that ozone is very toxic, which makes the water unsuitable for drinking (if, for example, a child swallows it, this will lead to serious consequences).

4. Purification by ions of silver and copper. The safest, most effective and promising method. Despite the fact that it has not yet been widely disseminated, a better solution to the problem can not be found. Moreover, the high quality of cleaning in this case is harmoniously combined with the relative availability of equipment.

What are the advantages of disinfection of water in the pool with silver and copper?

High purification efficiency provided that there is no negative effect on the human body.

Simplicity and reliability of equipment operation.

The possibility of operating the equipment without recourse to the services of specialists.

Relative financial accessibility.

The ability of silver ions to have a positive effect on the skin and mucous membranes.

That is, preferring this method of disinfection, you will be able to make your pool suitable for children and adults. It will be possible to spend any amount of time, and even if the water from the pool accidentally gets into the nose or mouth, nothing terrible will happen.

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